Door43 Slack Terms of Service


We use the Slack messaging app to communicate quickly and efficiently. Sign up on the Contact page.


Our Door43 Slack channel is available for anyone to join. If you are concerned about privacy use a pseudonym. Your email address will be accessible to others in our Door43 Slack group.


The actions you take in Door43 Slack should be in agreement with the Door43 Statement of Faith.


Please refrain from repeated posting of the same content. However, if your question has not been answered adequately and has been buried by other messages, please don’t hesitate to ask again.

Discussions should be Christ honoring, non-libelous, and courteous. Posting of solicitations and ads in the group or in direct messages will not be tolerated. This is not a venue for expressing defamatory opinions against any ideology or faith. Please report comments that are disruptive or off-topic to


Use Slack instead of email if at all possible.