English: unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories Study Notes

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The term God refers to the eternal being who created the universe out of nothing. God exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God’s personal name is ‘Yahweh.’

the beginning

This refers to the time before anything except God existed.


This term here means that God made it from nothing.

God’s Spirit

This is the Holy Spirit (See: 24:08, 42:10).



This light was different than the sun. God did not create the sun until the fourth day (See: 01:06).


Each time God created something, it was good. When he finished creating everything, it was very good (See: 01:15).


This refers to the six-day period when God created everything.



This refers to all the space above the earth including, the air we breathe and the heavens. God did not create the sun, moon, and stars until the fourth day (See: 01:06).


the sun, the moon, and the stars

God created these and placed them in the empty sky that he had created on the second day (See: 01:03).



God used plural words to speak about himself. Kings sometimes speak about themselves in that way. However, God the Father may have been speaking to the Son and the Spirit, who are all God.

in our image

People are similar to God in many ways, but they are not equal to him, or the same as he is.

like us

Perhaps God was saying that people are like God in ways that animals are not.


took some soil, formed it

When God created all the other things, he simply spoke and they appeared. But God formed the man from the soil.

breathed life into him

When God breathed into the man, he became alive.


Adam’s helper

None of the animals was similar enough to Adam to be able to help Adam do what God wanted him to do.


one of Adam’s ribs

God made the woman from a part of Adam, rather than making her from the soil.


At last!

Adam knew there was no one like him. He had been waiting for her.

like me

The woman was the same kind of being as Adam, even though she was not exactly the same as he was.


This is the feminine form of the word ‘man.’


in his own image

God made people to show some of his qualities, but not to be equal to him.

very good

As God made each thing, it was good. But, together, everything he created was very good because it was complete.


the seventh day

In modern calendars, the seventh day is Saturday.

finished all the work that he had been doing

God finished creating the earth and everything in it. He continues to do other work.


God set the seventh day apart from the other days. He did not want people to use it the same way as the other six days of the week.