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Ruth 1

Ruth 1:1-2

During what period of time in Jewish history did the story of Ruth occur?

It occurred in the days when the judges ruled.

Why did Elimelech move to Moab with his family?

He moved because there was a famine in the land of Judah.

Ruth 1:3-4

What happened to Elimelek in Moab?

He died, leaving Naomi a widow.

Ruth 1:5

What happened to Naomi’s sons in Moab?

They died, leaving behind two daughters-in-law for Naomi.

Ruth 1:6-7

Why did Naomi decide to return to Judah?

She heard that Yahweh had given the people of Judah food.

Ruth 1:8

Where did Naomi want her two daughters-in-law to go?

She wanted them to return to their mothers’ houses.

Ruth 1:9-12

Want did Naomi want her two daughters-in-law to find?

She wanted them to find other husbands.

Ruth 1:13-15

Who did Naomi believe was the source of her trouble?

She believed that Yahweh was against her.

Ruth 1:16

When Ruth stayed with Naomi, what promise did Ruth make to Naomi?

She said, “For I will go to the place where you go, and I will stay in the place where you stay. Your people are my people, and your God is my God. In the place where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. May Yahweh do thus to me, and thus may he add, if death separates between me and between you.”

Ruth 1:17-18

How long did Ruth say she would remain with Naomi?

She said she would remain with Naomi until they died.

Ruth 1:19

To which town did Naomi return?

She returned to Bethlehem.

Ruth 1:20-21

What name did Naomi want to be called and why?

She asked to be called, “Mara” (which means “bitter”), because she believed that Yahweh had dealt bitterly with her.

Ruth 1:22

What time of the year did Naomi and Ruth arrive in Bethlehem?

It was at the beginning of the barley harvest.

Ruth 2

Ruth 2:1

What was the relationship between Boaz and Naomi’s dead husband?

Boaz was a relative of Naomi’s husband.

Ruth 2:2-3

As Ruth went out to glean for the first time, who did Ruth say she would follow while gleaning grain?

She would follow anyone in whose eyes she found favor.

Ruth 2:4

What greeting did Boaz give to his workers?

He said, “Yahweh be with you.”

Ruth 2:5-7

What did Boaz want to know about Ruth?

He wanted to know to whom she belonged.

Ruth 2:8-9

What instructions did Boaz give Ruth concerning her gleaning?

He told Ruth not to leave his field, but to stay and work in his field with his female workers.

Ruth 2:10

After receiving the favorable instructions, what question did Ruth ask Boaz?

She asked Boaz why she had found favor in his sight.

Ruth 2:11

What good report had Boaz heard about Ruth?

He had heard that Ruth had left her home to follow Naomi.

Ruth 2:12-14

Under whose wings did Boaz say Ruth had found refuge?

Ruth had found refuge under Yahweh’s wings.

Ruth 2:15

What additional favor did Boaz show to Ruth when they returned to work after mealtime?

He allowed Ruth to glean among the bundles.

Ruth 2:16-18

What did Boaz tell his workers to do for Ruth?

He commanded the reapers to pull out grain for Ruth from the bundles.

Ruth 2:19

When Naomi saw the large amount of grain that Ruth brought back, what question did she ask Ruth?

She asked where Ruth had gleaned that day.

Ruth 2:20-21

What blessing did Naomi wish for Boaz when she heard that Boaz had helped Ruth?

She said, “May he be blessed by Yahweh”

Ruth 2:22

Why did Naomi think it was good for Ruth to work with Boaz’s women workers?

By doing that, Ruth would not come to harm in any other field.

Ruth 2:23

What did Ruth do for the rest of the barley harvest?

She gleaned with Boaz’s workers and lived with Naomi.

Ruth 3

Ruth 3:1-2

What did Naomi say her desire was for Ruth?

She desired that Ruth have a place of rest, meaning to have a person who would treat her well.

Ruth 3:3

What did Naomi tell Ruth to do before going down to the threshing floor?

She told her to wash and anoint herself, and to put on her cloak.

Ruth 3:4

What was Ruth to do when she went to where Boaz was sleeping?

She was to uncover his feet and to lie down there.

Ruth 3:5-7

What was Ruth’s attitude toward Naomi’s instructions?

She said she would do everything Naomi told her to do.

Ruth 3:8

At midnight, what was Boaz startled to find?

He was startled to find that a woman lay at his feet!

Ruth 3:9

What was Ruth’s request to Boaz?

She asked Boaz to spread his cloak over her, for he was a kinsman-redeemer.

Ruth 3:10

Why did Boaz ask a blessing from Yahweh for Ruth?

Boaz blessed Ruth because she had pursued Boaz rather than younger men.

Ruth 3:11

What did Boaz say he would do about Ruth’s request?

He said that he would do all that she asked.

Ruth 3:12

What obstacle prevented Boaz from immediately performing the part of a kinsman for Ruth?

There was another kinsman-redeemer nearer than Boaz.

Ruth 3:13

How was Boaz going to determine who would act as kinsman for Ruth?

If the nearest kinsman-redeemer was willing to redeem Ruth, then Boaz would let him do that. But if he was not willing, then Boaz would be the kinsman-redeemer.

Ruth 3:14

Why did Ruth leave the threshing floor early before anyone could recognize her?

Boaz did not what people to know that she had come to the threshing floor.

Ruth 3:15-17

What gift did Boaz give Ruth before she left the threshing floor?

He gave her six large measures of barley.

Ruth 3:18

Naomi was sure that Boaz would resolve the issue by what time?

He would resolve it by the end of that same day.

Ruth 4

Ruth 4:1

Where did Boaz go to resolve the issue of who would be the kinsman-redeemer for Ruth?

He went to the gate of the city.

Ruth 4:2

Who did Boaz ask to sit as witnesses?

He asked ten men of the elders of the city.

Ruth 4:3

What did Boaz first speak about to the other kinsman?

He told him that Naomi was selling the parcel of land that had been owned by Elimelek.

Ruth 4:4

What did Boaz suggest the other kinsman do about the parcel of land?

Boaz suggested that the other kinsman could redeem it.

What was the other kinsman’s answer?

He said he would redeem it.

Ruth 4:5

About what additional requirement did Boaz then tell the other kinsman?

He told him that he would also have to marry Ruth in order to raise up the name of Elimelek over his inheritance.

Ruth 4:6-7

What was the other kinsman’s answer when he learned that he would have to marry Ruth?

He said he could not redeem the land.

Why did the other kinsman say he could not be the redeemer?

He said that it would damage his own inheritance.

Ruth 4:8

What did the other kinsman do to show that he agreed Boaz should be the redeemer?

He took off his sandal.

Ruth 4:9

What was the first agreement that Boaz said the elders had witnessed?

They had witnessed that Boaz had bought all the land that had belonged to Elimelek.

Ruth 4:10-11

What was the second agreement that Boaz said the elders had witnessed?

They had witnessed that Boaz had acquired Ruth as his wife.

Ruth 4:12-14

What blessing did the people desire for Boaz?

They desired that Yahweh would give him offspring through Ruth, just as Tamar bore a son to Judah.

Ruth 4:15

Why did the women say that Ruth was better for Naomi than seven sons?

They said this because of Ruth’s love for Naomi, and because Ruth had given birth to a grandson for Naomi.

Ruth 4:16

What was Naomi’s relationship with Ruth’s son?

Naomi became his nurse, or caregiver.

Ruth 4:17-22

What was Ruth’s son’s name?

His name was Obed.

Of whom was Obed the father and grandfather?

Obed was the father of Jesse and the grandfather of David.